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“Hi, My name is Alicia Maxwell and I was a part of the Wannabe Clique before everyone forgot who I was.”

Alicia’s Bio/Background:

When little Freshmen Alicia Maxwell first set foot into the halls of Wellington, it was practically only a couple seconds before she was branded a wannabe.  Despite her constant trying to get out of that clique, her and her best friend were permanently clumped there. If anyone bothered to get to know the two of them, you’d know that they have no interest in being in the popular, well Alicia doesn’t really care, but who knows about her friend? All she knows is that she just wants a chance to be herself.

— Why do you think you were in the Wannabe Clique?

People are stupid. I showed up my first day here and I made the Queen Bee mad because I was wearing the same shirt or outfit as her. It wasn’t even the same exact design. I have my own style and I don’t need to change just to make someone like her happy.

— Since the change has happened and no one remembers who you were; Who will you be, Alicia Maxwell?

First of all, I’m going to try to show people that I’m not copying anyone and if I fall into a specific clique after that then so be it. 

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